Bulk SMS Service Tumudibandha

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Bulk SMS Service Tumudibandha

Bulk SMS  Tumudibandha , Bulk SMS Services  Tumudibandha Looking to Bulk SMS service provider in Tumudibandha , bulk sms service Tumudibandha , Promotional SMS, Transaction SMS, OTP SMS, Long, Short Code Service Tumudibandha . SMSIndiaHub is the Tumudibandha ‘s leading and reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Tumudibandha . offering bulk sms service in Tumudibandha  town as per your business need and requirement at lowest sms price. We are decade old Bulk SMS Company in Tumudibandha  in the Tumudibandha  and has consolidated its presence in the market and have been providing 99.5% up-time service to our respected clients. We caters SMS Service Tumudibandha  to corporate and individuals. SMSIndiaHub.com offers Multiple SMS services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals.

Bulk SMS Service Tumudibandha  | Bulk SMS Reseller Tumudibandha 

Bulk SMS Service  Tumudibandha | Bulk SMS Reseller  Tumudibandha 

Bulk SMS Service Tumudibandha  allows you to send the SMS in bulk or single from internet to mobile. Since mobile users are increasing daily hence mobile marketing is the new way of marketing and promotion of your products. Bulk SMS is currently most cheapest way to marketing with 100% return of your investment (ROI). SMS India HUB designed multiple SMS packages as per your need now you can choose any package with unlimited validity and awesome support.

Type of Bulk SMS and VAS Services;

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transaction SMS
  • International Bulk SMS
  • Enterprise SMS
  • Missed Call Number Service
  • IVR Service
  • Voice Call SMS Service
  • Toll Free Service

What is Promotional Bulk SMS.?

SMS INDIA HUB providing Promotional Bulk SMS Service in Tumudibandha  basically designed for the marketing. This service you can use to send promotional SMS for brand promotional, product knowledge, Offers, Discounts and other promotional activity. As per TRAI norms promotional SMS cannot be delivered on DND numbers.

What is Transaction SMS.?

SMS INDIA HUB providing Transaction SMS Service in Tumudibandha  which can be Send by Bank, Financial Institution, Insurance Company, Credit Card Company, to their Registered Customers. Transaction SMS can be send by registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students. Information SMS can be send by e-commerce agencies in response to E commerce transactions made by their customers.

What is OTP SMS.?

Now a days 2 factor authentication is very important since digital India concept is going on. Enterprise and retail now using OTP SMS Tumudibandha  to validate mobile number for safe banking, online registration and other online activities. We SMSINDIAHUB providing OTP SMS Services in Tumudibandha 

What is International Bulk SMS.?

Now a days there is no limit of scope you never no from where you can get your clients. SMSINDIAHUB understand your need and according to that we designed International SMS Gateway which helps you to send sms across the world at very affordable price. We are providing International SMS gateway with no additional cost.

What is enterprise SMS or Corporate SMS.?

Enterprise SMS Tumudibandha  basically can be used by enterprise for sending immediate alerts to their internal communication, meetings, reporting, joining and other enterprise related activity. SMSINDIAHUB designed special platform for enterprise with secure https gateway. You can create groups and send thousands of SMS in one go. We are providing free API which you can connect with your application.

What is Toll Free Service.?

SMS India Hub Toll free Service in Tumudibandha  which give you the look like big corporate wherein your customer would be able to here recorded IVR through our Hosted IVR system. Our advantages of making customers feel Happy like they are being given due importance. Our IVR system can make even a small company looks big. The best and unique advantage of hosted IVR system is its simplicity, affordability and workflow.

What is Voice Call Service.?

Voice Bulk SMS or Voice Call Service in Tumudibandha  you can use widely for Election and Political Campaign, Lead and business generation, event management, payment reminder, online registration, Brand Promotion, Official or General Announcements, Medicine and Health reminders, Stock alerts, Premium and EMI alert’s.

What is Missed Call Number Service.?

SMS India Hub Missed Call Number Service in Tumudibandha  can be the easiest method to boost your sales or business, we offer Missed Call notification Service in Tumudibandha  with excellent quality, quick and fast delivery and easy-to-use application. Our services will assure to define your user experience to a whole new level. Our excellent professionals at SMS INDIA HUB will guide you through our numerous missed call features to increase you business and revenue shares.

What is IVR Service.?

SMS India HUB – IVR is a cloud telephony platform, designed to leverage the power of virtual exchange and virtual extensions. Our intelligent routing algorithm helps you to design multi-tier hosted IVR for your business. Being a company based on cloud telephony, we understand the importance of communication and call in business enterprises, organizations and companies..

Type of SMS API


What is SMPP SMS API.?

SMPP SMS API is designed for sending huge traffic, SMPP is a direct connection to carriers and provides instant delivery with High throughput.

What is HTTP SMS API.?

Bulk SMS enable your Business Applications, Software’s and Website. The Bulk SMS HTTP API Tool allows you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages by integrating our SMS services directly with your business applications, websites or other software.

Bulk SMS Features in Tumudibandha  for your business;

  • Bulk SMS Ultra Fast Route.
  • SMS API Integration.
  • Online DND Filtration.
  • SMS Excel Plugin.
  • Instant Delivery on Transaction/Op-tin/Marketing Route
  • Simple process: Login » Compose » Send.
  • Low Rates For High Volume SMS
  • 1 Year Validity
  • profitable Rates for Re sellers
  • Long-code Service Provider
  • Premium Support(Phone/Email/SMS)
  • Excel File Upload
  • Easy To Use
  • 99% Up-time Guarantee
  • No Technical Skills Required.
  • Manage all your contacts in specific groups online.
  • Auto DND Filter on marketing/promotional Route.
  • Get Delivery Reports of all SMS Campaigns
  • Schedule your SMS Campaigns at future date & time.
  • Business card: Send in your contact info in the form of a business card to your contact recipients.

Benefit to Bulk SMS Service in Tumudibandha 

Colleges and Universities | SCHOOLs | Hospitals | Healthcare Industry | Cinema Industry | Pawn Brokers | ar Resellers | Tours Travels | Hotels | Real Estate | Beauty Parlours | HR Consultants | Automobile Inudustry | Insurance Sector | Couriers | Astrologers | Blood Banks | Showrooms | Book Stores | Distributors | Marriage Bureau | MLM Companies | Clubs | Jewellery Shops | Banks | Stock Brokers | Airlines | Chit Funds | Mutual Fund | Mobile Shops | Political Partiesl | Computer Dealersl


  • Best tool to increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales.
  • Reach instantly to targeted audience & highly Personalized.
  • Very effective as communicates to an individual.
  • Over 90 million mobile users in India.
  • Very Cheap, Faster and Prompt Results.
  • Significantly Low Cost.
  • Easy To Create message Campaign.
  • Create groups like Classes, Gender, Salary and City wise etc.
  • 100% ROI than other media Cross-media: Mix with Radio, TV, Print.

Where you can use “Bulk SMS” Service in Tumudibandha 

  • Brand Promotional.
  • New Product Launch.
  • Sales Promotions.
  • Alets : Emergency Services.
  • New Announcements.
  • Customer Engagement.
  • Mass Blast Marketing .
  • Sales Force Automation
Bulk SMS Reseller in Tumudibandha 

Now in your city Tumudibandha  You may also start your own bulk sms reseller business with SMSIndiaHub; we provides you full support for marketing, technical support for sending bulk sms. We also provides you a website which is fully branded according to your own company name.

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For more details please email us on info(@)smsindiahub(.)in

Associated Services as as follows

National sms | International sms | Shortcode | Longcode | Web-interface | Sms from excel sheet | Desktop software | Transactional sms | Promotional sms | Opt-in sms campaign

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Our Top Features for Sms Gateway

Unicode Message

Now send your messages in your regional langauage using special characters..

Flash SMS

Get your clients attracted from messages that are directly prompted on the mobile phone screen.

Developers API

Now integrate multiple API with SMPP and HTTP for sending SMS using web and desktop apps.

Scheduled SMS

Send messges to your clients automatically by our scheluling feature if you are not available.

Let’s create effective marketing strategies together

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